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My photographic approaches

Committed photo reports

Photographer in the documentary, visual explorer, and fierce advocate for inclusion. My photographic journey has been guided by the belief that every person has a unique and valuable story to share.

My photo reports are much more than frozen images on paper. They reflect authentic encounters and moments captured with deep sensitivity. Through my work, I seek to break stereotypes and reveal the true humanity that exists beyond appearances.

Projects for People with Disabilities:

As a social worker, I have had the privilege of working on photographic projects with adults with disabilities. These projects have been a source of inspiration, highlighting the strength, resilience and beauty within each individual.

Portraits of Street Life:

Homeless people have a history that is often misunderstood and overlooked. Through my portraits, I seek to give a voice to these individuals, to share their experiences and to highlight their humanity. Each image tells a story of strength, survival, and hope.

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